Pure Breed Yorkies

Born, Friday May 30th these adorable puppies are the second litter of their very healthy Mother, Luci Lou.  There are 3 males and 2 females.  All have wonderful temperments and are a joy to watch and play with for hours.  Their birth wieght was about 5 ounces each and now weight about 2 lbs.  Their Mother weighs 7.9 full grown and thier father weighs 7.3 full grown.

These yorkies are NOT teacup yorkies and tend to live years longer because of their more natural size.  Their life expectancy is 10-12 years if kept in a healthy living environment.

A Perfect Pet for all ages

Yorkies make wonderful pets for singles, families with children, and even for the eldery who may need a little love and wonderful company.  This litter of puppies has been around small children from birth so they are very use to kids, and large groups of people. 

Yorkies also do great with other medium sized dogs.